Why Hire Security Consultant Chris E. McGoey

Security Consultant Chris E. McGoey evaluates security plans on commercial property and provides advice how to reduce the risk of violent crime and property loss.

He is court-qualified to testify as a security expert witness in premises liability litigation cases alleging that crime was foreseeable, security was inadequate or a security guard was negligent, made a false arrest or used excessive force.

Security Consultant Making Places Safe for People & Property

Extensive Crime Risk Assessment Experience on Most Property Types

Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Nightclubs, Bars, Gas Stations, Fast-Food Restaurants, Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels, HOAs, Resorts, Motels, Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Banks, ATM machines, Universities, Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, Movie Theaters, Casinos, Convention Centers, Sports Stadiums, Arenas, Parking Lots, and Garages.

Forty-Eight Years of Education Training and Experience in Crime Prevention

Homicide, Kidnap, Rape, Sexual Assault, Robbery, Stalking, Carjacking, Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, Battery, Gang Activity, Drug Activity, Assault with Deadly Weapon, Weapons Screening, Residential Burglary, Commercial Burglary, Auto Theft, Auto Burglary, Shoplifting, Grand Theft, Petty theft, Employee Theft, Vandalism, Loitering, Trespassing, Fraud, Identity Theft, Bullying, False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Racial Profiling, Excessive Use of Force, Active Shooter, and Workplace Violence.

Hire Security Consultant Chris E. McGoey

Free Initial Telephone Consultation – 213-537-3505

Security Consultant Chris E. McGoey Retention Steps

  1. Clients may hire Chris E. McGoey as a security consultant after speaking to him by telephone, clearing any conflicts, and reviewing the project facts in detail.
  2. If Mr. McGoey and client agree to work together, he will forward his proposal, engagement agreement, and cover letter with hiring instructions.
  3. A signed engagement agreement and requested fee must be received prior to the start of work.

Premises Liability Litigation Discovery Assistance

Attorneys and insurance claims reps may want help with litigation case analysis.

In cases where Mr. McGoey is unable to testify as a security expert witness, he may be available to work hourly as a confidential security consultant.

Learn More about Premises Liability Litigation

Download the book written by Security Consultant Chris E. McGoey

A resume and fee schedule are available to clients upon request