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Certified Security Training

California based security consultant, Chris McGoey, is available to provide certified training to corporate management, business owners, retail merchants, property managers, law enforcement, and the legal profession. He specializes in teaching practical solutions to crime and liability problems for most commercial property types.

Chris McGoey has conducted over 7000 security surveys of commercial properties where crime and liability has been a problem and has provided practical advice on how to reduce the risk. He has performed thousands of crime demographic studies, risk analysis, and vulnerability assessments including these property types: Apartments, condominiums, hotels and resorts, motels, grocery and convenience stores, liquor stores, parking lots, department stores, nightclubs andbars, gas stations, fast-food restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings, retail stores, banks and ATM machines, universities, schools, restaurants, hospitals and medical offices, movie complexes, casinos, and sports complexes.

Mr. McGoey is an expert on the subjects of violence on commercial properties, retail loss prevention, and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. He has previously trained business groups, private organizations, and law enforcement how to prevent crime such as homicide, kidnap, rape, robbery, stalking, carjacking, assault, gang activity, burglary, shoplifting, auto theft, grand theft, employee theft, shoplifting, vandalism, loitering, fraud, identity theft, and workplace violence.

Interactive Hands-On Workshops

Chris McGoey's training workshops are famous for being interactive and hands-on so that the solutions can be applied immediately. Workshops can be arranged for half-day, full-day, or two-days in length for advanced subjects. If you have a group that would like to receive intensive crime and loss prevention training in these areas, please contact Mr. McGoey directly by phone or e-mail.

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