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Chris E. McGoey, CPP, CSP, CAM
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  • Security Officer Negligence
  • Use of Force by Nightclub
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Chris McGoey is internationally known as an author, trainer, speaker, private investigator, and security consultant. He has over 46 years of education and experience and has absorbed thousands of hours of special training. He contributes to industry trade associations and has been honored for his work.

Mr. McGoey is the host of the Crime School Podcast and frequently quoted by the media as a security expert.

Chris McGoey is highly-acclaimed as a security expert witness and security consultant. He has qualified as a security expert witness in many State and Federal courts. In 32 years he has testified over 400 times at deposition and 80 times at trial.

Chris McGoey is retained by both plaintiff and defense lawfirms (45/55%) in litigation matters involving allegations of inadequate security, high-crime foreseeability, premises liability, retail loss prevention, and in security officer negligence matters involving allegations of negligent hiring, training, supervision, misconduct, false arrest, false imprisonment, and excessive use of force.

Premises Security Cases

Chris McGoey has conducted over 7000 security surveys on commercial properties where crime has been a problem including: Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Nightclubs, Bars, Gas Stations, Fast-Food Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Banks, ATM machines, Universities, Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, Movie Theaters, Casinos, Sports Stadiums, Parking Lots, and Garages.

Criminal Acts

Chris McGoey investigates crimes and provides security solutions to address foreseeable acts of Homicide, Kidnap, Rape, Sexual Assault, Robbery, Stalking, Carjacking, Aggravated Assault, Simple Assault, Battery, Gang Activity, Drug Activity, Assault with Deadly Weapon, Weapons Screening, Residential Burglary, Commercial Burglary, Auto Theft, Auto Burglary, Shoplifting, Grand Theft, Petty theft, Employee Theft, Vandalism, Loitering, Trespassing, Fraud, Identity Theft, Bullying, False Arrest, False Imprisonment, Racial Profiling, Excessive Use of Force, and Workplace Violence.

Litigation Assistance

Need help with case analysis? Chris McGoey has written two books and many articles on the subject of Premises Liability Litigation and has reviewed thousands of case files involving most property types. He can quickly evaluate the evidence in your case and recommend a strategy for optimizing discovery and for presentation of facts at trial.


"I want to thank you on behalf of my client who is now financially able to live a decent life after being shot inside a 24-hour restaurant and rendered quadriplegic. Thanks in part to your work as a security expert witness, a jury awarded my client $46.4 million, which is the largest premises liability negligent security case verdict in the State of Washington."

Trial Attorney
Seattle, Washington

"Our negligent apartment security lawsuit settled on the first day of trial for $7.8 million due in part due to your incredible assistance, keen analysis, and case preparation. This settlement will finally put this 4½ year battle to rest and will help the father and children negotiate their future."

  • Trial Attorney
    Edison, New Jersey

"The jury returned a favorable verdict and awarded my clients $4.2 million in our nightclub wrongful death case. The depth of your professional resume and quality of expert testimony at deposition and trial were so impressive that opposing counsel didn’t produce an expert to contradict you. We will readily recommend you as a nightclub safety expert, especially on a high-profile case like ours."

  • Trial Attorney
    Seattle, Washinton

"I have to honestly say that Mr. McGoey is a well-qualified expert witness. The quality and style of testimony in my complex wrongful death case ranks in the top 5% of all depositions I have observed in my twenty years of practice. I can highly recommend him."

Trial Attorney
Little Rock, Arkansas

"Chris McGoey exceeded our expectations as an expert. He gave us more value by assisting us greatly during discovery, witness depositions, and cross-examination of opposing experts in a high-exposure case. The case was resolved favorably largely due to Mr. McGoey's assistance."

Trial Attorney
Spokane, Washington

"Your expert report is simply amazing. I been in practice for over thirty years and your report ranks in the top-three I've ever read for thoroughness, accuracy, and organization. I must admit, I've had a hard time getting my mind around this complex wrongful death case, but you pulled it together nicely in a format that makes perfect sense."

Trial Attorney
Houston, Texas

"Don't go to trial without Chris McGoey. He is a master at talking with the jury and boiling down complex and technical issues into easy to understand concepts and visual images."

Trial Attorney
Jackson, Mississippi

"Any attorney who signs a premises liability case should retain Chris McGoey immediately to begin work as a security consultant and expert witness. He will help organize and investigate the necessary liability issues. He is without a doubt the finest security expert I have come across in twenty years of practice."

Trial Attorney
Los Angeles, California

Free Telephone Consultation

Attorneys may contact Chris McGoey for a brief intial discussion of a personal injury litigation case involving premises liability, inadequate security, security officer negligence, false arrest, or excessive use of force at a nightclub, bar, or retail store setting.

Paid Telephone Consultation

In cases where Mr. McGoey is unwilling to be retained as a security expert witness, he is available for hire as a consultant-only to provide detailed litgation case review and offer comprehensive discovery assistance.

A resume and fee schedule are available to clients upon request

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